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KC 135 refueling flight with Emily Warner
Emily Warner is the first, female commercial airline pilot of a scheduled, American airline. She is also the keynote speaker at the 2009 Kansas Aviation Gala as well as a member of the 99's. This year is the eightieth anniversary of the 99's, founded in part by the great Kansas aviator, Amelia Earhart. Ms. Warner came to Wichita to participate in a KC-135 mission with an all female crew on Wednesday, September 9th, 2009. This mission was filmed by the Air Force, a video presentation of which will be made at the Kansas Aviation Gala on Saturday, November 7th, 2009. For information on the Gala call: 316-683-9242. During this event, the female KC-135 crew will be recognized along with members of the McConnell command staff. The following video is a brief overview of the September 9th trip.

Wichita Flight Festival

Music at the KAM

Trevor Stewart
Trevor Stewart has been playing the Chapman Stick since October of 1998. Previous study on the guitar, piano, and viola led to a quick adaptation on the Stick. Trevor studied viola, music composition and performance at Wichita State University. Frequently performing in Wichita he is one of the very few "Stickist's" residing in Kansas. Primarily performing solo, he has also contributed to various groups and projects such as the Native American music group Passing Through which was nominated for a Native American Music Award in 2006 and an Indian Summer Music award in 2005. He has also played viola with the world music group Equinox. Trevor's music served a large part in the soundtrack of the 2007 regional public television documentary 'Flint Hills: Meditations from a Kansas Prairie'. His music has been heard on the nationally syndicated 'Echoes' program and is heard frequently on the Nightcrossing's radio program on 90.1 KHCC and across the nation. He appears here in the atrium of the Kansas Aviation Museum.
Split Lip Rayfield - 8/8/09: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2hIvCKyMZE

Nether Consort - 4/23/10 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycExaZAMLgo

Visitors at the KAM

Inertia Starter
The Inertia Starter was utilized on early planes to crank start the engine. It incorporated several advantages including a minimum weight in proportion to its cranking torque capacity, a high initial cranking speed that assured delivery of fuel to the cylinders and permitted starting with a greater degree of spark advance, flywheel acceleration independent of engine size, frictional torque and weather conditions which assured minimum current draw when electrically operated, torque overload release, consisting of a multiple disc clutch under adjustable spring pressure, thereby preventing damage to the engine or starter in case of overload or engine back fire, automatic disengagement of motor jaw from flywheel jaw when the starter is hand operated, thereby permitting band cranking with motor shaft disengaged, starter operation independent of electrical system by means of a hand crank with no decrease in starter performance, and acceleration of the flywheel by external means, thereby providing a reduction in weight by elimination of the motor and at the same time providing starting by use of the hand crank in event of emergency. In this clip, a young visitor tries his hand at turning the KAM's inertia starter.

Exhibits at the KAM

The Engine Room and Ramp
The Ramp
Weddings at the KAM

Grisamore Wedding
Volunteers at the KAM

John Shark Ed Scott on the Aero TV Network Lon Smith on the Aero TV Network
Students at the KAM

School Group Learning to Fly on the Simulator
School Group Building Paper Airplanes
School Group Learning about the 727


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