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Speciality Programs


Speciality Programs

Teacher Professional Development Workshop
We offer professional development workshops for teachers.  The
participating organization is responsible for organizing and registering
teachers.  Minimum class size is 10; maximum enrollment per class is 30
teachers.  Each teacher will receive a special rate for their class when
they come to the museum.  The special rate will be $6 per student.
Contact the Education department at (316) 683-9242, if you wish to
arrange a teacher workshop.

How Things Fly: The Science of Flight
Teachers of 2nd to 5th Grades
Experiment with hands on, inquiry based activities that address the
Kansas Education Standards on force, motion, and physics.  Discover how
these concepts apply to flight.  Participants will study aircraft in the
museum that illustrate the technology and learn how to address these
topics in the classroom.
$35 per Teacher

Problem Solving with the Wright Brothers
Teachers of 3rd to 8th Grades
How did the Wright Brothers apply their knowledge of bicycles and
engineering to solve the challenge of flying?  This workshop is designed
to introduce the process of invention through hands-on activities and
invention challenges.
$35 per Teacher

Aircraft Design
Teachers of 8th to 12th Grades
Be ready to be challenged and learn through hands-on engineering
activity.  Discover Aircraft Design and the Engineering Process that
make it successive.  Participants will study aviation design and other
aspect of aviation.  This workshop will illustrate how you can includes
Aviation STEM in your lesson plans.   
 $40 per Teacher

Aviation History
Teachers of 5th to 12th Grades
Wichita is filled with important aviation history.  Participants will
learn about Wichita's important aviation history with fun interactive
activities and tours.  Participants will learn about resources that can
be used in the classroom to history lesson plans.
$35 per Teacher

2013-2014 Homeschool Days
We have created fun filled educational days for homeschool students.  We
take a unique look at different parts of the aviation industry.  It
starts at 10am and ends at 2pm on select days.  We split the group into
1st to 3rd grade level, 4th to 6th grade level, and 7th to 12th grade

Student Cost
*       Non Member Student: $10
*       Member Student: $7
*       Night Flight: $20

Adult Cost
*       Non Member: $7
*       Member: Free
*       Night Flight: $20

Dates and Topics
*       September 13: Aviation 101 
*       November 6: Aviation Weather
*       January 10: Pathways
*       February 12: Why Unmanned Air Vehicles?
*       March 8: African American and Female Aviators
*       April 9: Aviation Material Science
*       May 16-17: Homeschool Night Flight


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