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STEM Presentations:

The Ultimate Ejection Seat Challenge This program is an opportunity to enrich your classroom with a unique engineering challenge. Students will learn about the principles of flight and their affects on ejection seats. Students will then participate in our Ultimate Ejection Seat Challenge where we put what we learned to the test and see who can create the best ejection seat.
KES: (3-4) Science 5.2, (5-7) Science 5.2, and (8-12) Science 5.1

Floating Express This presentation is all about kites. We'll talk about the history of kites as well as what makes them fly. This lesson also includes a hands-on activity in which students build their own kites.
KES: (K-2) Science 5.1 (3-4) Science 5.1, (5-7) Science 5.1, (8-12) Science 2A.2

The Invention Process In this lesson, students will learn about past and present inventions, the tools of inventors, and how inventors sell their products to the public. Students will then be given the opportunity to invent something of their own.
KES: (3-4) Science 5.2, (5-7) Science 5.2, and (8-12) Science 5.1


Please allow 20 minutes travel/prep time between presentations.


Presentation cost: $40 per presentation.
25 student minimum per presentaiton.


Education Partners:
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